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A Note From Our Founders

"Finding balance between work and life, patient care and business, happiness and health, requires continued thoughtfulness and intention. At our core, we set out to support and collaborate with dentists who value lifestyle, positive impact, and the idealistic goal of doing good for others. 

SALT Dental Collective will preserve the smile lifestyle and enhance the lives of those we partner with. We are NOT corporate dentistry. We’re the group to join if you want to keep corporate dentistry from taking over."

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Dr. J. Kolby Robinson
and Dr. Nick Raklios

Co-Founders / Chief Dental Officers


As the landscape of dentistry changes, we’re looking to partner with trailblazing dentists who want to discover and shape the future of our field. We believe that collaboration and group practice is the answer. Banding together will decrease the stress and burden placed on all of us. We aim to preserve the pure doctor-patient relationship, our own clinical autonomy, our livelihoods, and our adventurous lifestyles.

One last important detail… as a COLLECTIVE we are not a heartless corporate dental business or a dental service organization!

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Preserve The Smile Lifestyle

SALT is a globally recognized, ubiquitous, pure preservative used across all cultures and communities. It’s a symbol of our mission to preserve the smile lifestyle for patients, dental teams, and doctors alike. SALT is a way of improving the health and human experience of all people involved in our COLLECTIVE.

No matter where you are in your dental career, SALT provides an avenue for you to be the careful and caring doctor you’ve always imagined. As part of our COLLECTIVE, you’ll be banded together with like minded, ethical, honest people who believe in the highest level of care and exceptional dental experiences. Together, we create and preserve.

Our Benefits

We’re combining the advantages of private ownership with the support and backing of group practice to help dentists enjoy the best of both worlds. At SALT Dental Collective, we encourage you to invest in yourself, invest in your peers, grow, and monetize. Here’s what we can expect out of our adventure together:

Shared Upside and Downside
Work-Life Balance
100% Clinical Autonomy
Collective Management
Collective Earning Potential
Service & Humanitarian Potential
Squash Feelings of Being Alone
Shared Purpose
Why Join SALT?
why join salt?

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