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SALT Dentists Take on Candy Buy-Back

The dental practices of SALT had an exciting Halloween! While - as dentists - we fear this candy-loaded holiday because of the potential for cavities and tooth decay, our offices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho celebrated by making it a fun competition.

Candy Buy-Back Event

During Halloween, several practices put on a 'Candy Buy-Back' event. They asked people to trade in their candy after trick or treating for cold, hard cash. Okay - really it was just $1 for every pound of candy - but some offices got more than expected! The big winners also took home a fun gift basket valued at over $100 for each office that participated.

Cascadia Kids Dentistry Hits the Candy Jackpot

Cascadia Kids Dentistry - with offices in Issaquah, Kent, and Maple Valley, Washington - brought in just over 100 pounds of candy! The girls pictured brought in 22 lbs. just by themselves!

Nice work preventing those sugar bugs, ladies!

girls win candy buy back
Winners at Cascadia Kids Dentistry

DaBell & Paventy is Top Gun

In addition to promoting the Candy Buy-Back event, our orthodontists at DaBell & Paventy - with 6 locations across the greater Spokane area - dressed up in honor of the new Top Gun movie. The staff and patients had a blast, and many kids took home some money for their candy trade-ins!

Seattle Kids Dentistry

Our partners in Seattle at Seattle Kids Dentistry also gave away a big gift basket to the grand prize winners. While they didn't break the record for most candy collected - they definitely helped prevent some tooth decay.

KidSmile Dentists Become Candy Royalty

By far the most exciting practice to promote Candy Buy-Back was KidSmile Dental - located in Spokane. This dental practice collected 155 lbs. of candy! Cheers to the kids that gave up their treats for some prizes and cash.

SALT Collects Halloween Candy for Local Charities

No, these dentists didn't keep all this candy to themselves! There are many organizations out there that will take candy off your hands and send them to troops overseas or donate them to hospitals or charities. For the SALT practices, the candy will be sent to several amazing local charities, such as Treats for Troops.

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